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Terms and Conditions

Repairs Terms and conditions,


You agree to these terms and conditions when you place an order from us, for goods or services. Your statutory rights are not affected.




‘NO CLEAR MEANING”: The repair company, “The Customer”: The person, firm or company for whom repairs are undertaken. “The Goods”: The goods presented for repair.


  1. Inspection and Evaluation of work to be done,

1.1 NO CLEAR MEANING will have the sole discretion to decide the nature, extent and method of any repairs.


  1. Duration and Turnaround times.

2.1 All dates given by NO CLEAR MEANING for completion of repairs are estimated only and NO CLEAR MEANING shall not be liable for any loss or compensation resulting from failure to meet such dates. Failure to meet such dates shall not entitle the Customer to cancel the order.


2.2 Where amendment to previously stated turnaround times is made NO CLEAR MEANING will provide updates to the customer via email.


  1. Estimates.

3.1 Where an estimate for the price of repairs is given by NO CLEAR MEANING, it shall not be obliged to commence work until an acceptance is received from the Customer. 


3.2 The customer is obligated to provide full payment for the work once completed and will be provided with a final invoice by NO CLEAR MEANING, in the case where replacement parts require ordering, a partial invoice may be provided and require payment by the customer before further work can commence.


3.3 NO CLEAR MEANING  may at any stage submit a further or revised estimate to the customer,  


3.4 When NO CLEAR MEANING supplies a revised estimate and this is not accepted by the Customer, NO CLEAR MEANING reserves the right to charge for handling, examination, or any reassembly required, usually £15. No liability can be accepted by NO CLEAR MEANING for the re-assembly of equipment dismantled for the purpose of examination. 


3.5 If goods are sent for repair at a later date to NO CLEAR MEANING, NO CLEAR MEANING shall be under no obligation to complete repairs for the cost previously estimated or to refund charges made for any previous repair or cancellation. 


3.6 If an estimate is not accepted within 30 days of estimate, NO CLEAR MEANING is entitled to dispose of the goods or charge a storage fee of £30+VAT


3.7 NO CLEAR MEANING provides written estimates for £0 per item, these are subject to change in the event that further damage or necessity for replacement parts is revealed during the process of repair.


3.8 NO CLEAR MEANING may record text messages and emails for proof of business transactions.


  1. Payment and Despatch of Goods

4.1 Payment is full is required only once the repair has been completed or before any replacement parts are ordered.


4.2 No goods will be despatched until confirmed receipt of full payment.


4.3 If the Customer shall fail to pay all sums due for repair of the Goods within 3 months of the date of completion NO CLEAR MEANING may forthwith sell any or all Goods at such a price as in its discretion sees fit and may retain from the proceeds of such sale any amount sufficient to defray costs of repairs and expenses incurred in attempting to trace the Customer. No interest shall be payable on any balance retained by NO CLEAR MEANING.


  1. Company’s Liability

5.1 NO CLEAR MEANING shall be responsible for Goods from the Customer until the Goods are delivered back to the Customer. All Goods delivered by NO CLEAR MEANING shall be insured at the current secondhand value.


5.2 NO CLEAR MEANING shall not be responsible in respect of any consequential loss or damage whatsoever claimed by reason of repairs carried out, nor any damage, injury or loss arising from the use of the goods. No claims whatsoever will be entertained for loss or damage to photographic or video materials.


5.3 NO CLEAR MEANING shall not be responsible for any accessories left by the Customer accompanying the Goods. Any accessories whatsoever are left at the Customers risk


  1. The Customer's Liability

6.1 The Customer warrants that the Goods are not dangerous or potentially dangerous and shall indemnify NO CLEAR MEANING against any loss or damage caused by the breach here of. 


6.2 If the Customer is not the owner of the Goods, the Customer shall at all times be deemed to be acting as the agent of the owner and not the agent of NO CLEAR MEANING.


  1. Guarantee

7.1 NO CLEAR MEANING guarantees repairs against defects in workmanship, or defects to replacement parts fitted for the period of 30 days. In the case that the entire camera is repaired/serviced in accordance with the estimate, the guarantee will cover the entire camera. If a partial repair is carried out the part only is guaranteed.


7.2 The guarantee period starts from the date the goods are dispatched, or collected, from NO CLEAR MEANING to the customer.


7.3 The Guarantee Shall not Extend to:


7.3a No proof of receipt. Without the original invoice given at the time of collection, NO CLEAR MEANING will not honor a guarantee either for a purchase or repair. 


7.3b A late collection of goods. It is the responsibility of the Customer to collect equipment as soon as the repair is completed to benefit fully from the guarantee period. 


7.3c Damage or deterioration caused through transportation or negligence of any party other than NO CLEAR MEANING, misuse accident, or any attempted repair by any party other than NO CLEAR MEANING. 


7.3d Repairs made without charge whether a guarantee is stated or not. 


7.3e Any claim under this guarantee can only be considered if received by NO CLEAR MEANING in writing within the stated guarantee period, and the Goods properly packaged are sent at the Customers expense to NO CLEAR MEANING. NO CLEAR MEANING’s decision as to the extent of its obligation shall be final. It is the responsibility of the Customer to see that Goods are tested within the guarantee period.


7.3f NO CLEAR MEANING shall on no account be liable for any charges made by another party for repairing the Goods save where such repairs are expressly authorized by NO CLEAR MEANING in writing. 


7.3g NO CLEAR MEANING may at any time fulfill its entire obligations under this guarantee by returning the Goods to the Customer and refunding the repair charge paid.


  1. Variation


8.1 These conditions shall not be varied by the Customer. Any order conditions specified by the Customer contravening any conditions specified by NO CLEAR MEANING shall be void. 


8.2 NO CLEAR MEANING have the right to amend/alter their terms and conditions without prior notification of the Customer. 


  1.  Law 


9.1 These conditions and any agreement between the Customer and NO CLEAR MEANING shall be governed by English Law.

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